November 4, 2007

Oh daughter, my bride,
do not delight in your fatness, your pleasures, for what you are valuing is of no worth to me. No eternal worth or value

Do you not know that all of this will burn as rubble. Only that which I have built will stand.

Only fix your eyes on the things above, gain eternal perspective. You worry about things that I will surely take care of. I take care of the birds in the trees, I provide shelter, food, direction, just as I will do for each of you.

Only release your hold on the things that are temporal for I long to bring a deposit of the eternal among you. You are to be a peculiar people, set apart for such a time as this. But you must choose to place your feet inside the walls of my protection. Only in releasing these things of life am I able to truly move the heavens back for you--for it is in your total surrender that I am your God in fullness and strength.

Do not limit what my hand would do amongst you. For if you allow me to do this working you will soon look at one another and say "They are different, they are changed for they are no longer slaves of circumstances but slaves to My bidding."

Unleash the chains that bind you and bind yourself to Me, only here will you find freedom. For freedom comes in allowing me to be God in all areas of your life.